How to Use DirectAdmin Bandwidth Monitor to Track Your Traffic

If you’re hosting your website on DirectAdmin, you have access to a powerful bandwidth monitoring tool that can help you track your website’s traffic. DirectAdmin’s Bandwidth Monitor allows you to monitor your website’s bandwidth usage in real-time, so you can track your traffic and make informed decisions about your web hosting needs.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to use DirectAdmin’s Bandwidth Monitor to track your traffic.

Step 1: Log in to DirectAdmin

To access the Bandwidth Monitor, you first need to log in to your DirectAdmin account. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “Statistics” section of your DirectAdmin control panel.

Step 2: Access the Bandwidth Monitor

In the “Statistics” section, you’ll find the Bandwidth Monitor option. Click on it to access the Bandwidth Monitor tool.

Step 3: Choose the Date Range

Once you’re in the Bandwidth Monitor, you can choose the date range you want to track. You can choose from a range of options, including the current day, current week, current month, or a custom date range.

Step 4: View the Bandwidth Report

After selecting the date range, you’ll be presented with a Bandwidth Report that shows your website’s traffic for the selected time period. You’ll be able to see how much bandwidth has been used, as well as how much data has been transferred.

Step 5: Customize the Report

The Bandwidth Report can be customized to show different types of traffic. For example, you can choose to see traffic from specific IP addresses or protocols. You can also choose to view the report in a graph or table format.

Step 6: Set Bandwidth Limits

If you want to set bandwidth limits for your website, you can do so using DirectAdmin’s Bandwidth Monitor. You can set limits for specific time periods or for the entire month. Once you’ve set the limits, you’ll receive notifications when you approach or exceed the limits.


DirectAdmin’s Bandwidth Monitor is a powerful tool that can help you track your website’s traffic and make informed decisions about your web hosting needs. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily use the Bandwidth Monitor to track your website’s traffic and set bandwidth limits to ensure that your website stays within its hosting limits.

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