Shoutcast Reseller Hosting: Power Your Online Radio Business with CentovaCast

The online radio industry is booming, and with the right tools, you can be part of this exciting growth. If you’re looking to start your own online radio business, Shoutcast Reseller Hosting is a powerful, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution. With CentovaCast, a lightweight and full-featured control panel, you can manage your online radio streams effortlessly. Let’s delve into why Shoutcast Reseller Hosting is your go-to choice for starting a successful online radio business.

Feature-Rich and Affordable:

Priced at $16.99/mo, Shoutcast Reseller Hosting offers an instant account setup, 120 GB of NVMe storage, and unlimited bandwidth, ensuring your online radio business operates smoothly. You can manage up to 35 accounts, accommodating 1000 listeners and streaming at 192 Kbps.

Support for Shoutcast and Icecast:

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting supports both Shoutcast and Icecast, offering your clients flexibility in their choice of streaming software. Moreover, it fully supports Shoutcast Premium, providing your clients with access to premium features.

Reliability and Security:

With a 99.9% uptime, your radio streams will be consistently available to your listeners. The SSL (HTTPS) Stream URL ensures secure streaming, protecting your listeners’ data.

Auto-DJ and Media Libraries:

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting includes the Auto-DJ feature, enabling automated broadcasts when live streaming is not available. Media Libraries help in organizing and managing audio files efficiently.

100% Whitelabel:

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting is 100% whitelabel, allowing you to maintain your brand’s identity and professionalism.

Extensive Radio Statistics and Multiple Widgets:

These features provide insights into listener behavior and preferences, and allow customization of your online presence, adding a personal touch to your broadcasts.

No Renewal Price Hikes:

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting guarantees no renewal price hikes, ensuring predictable and affordable pricing.

Exclusive Features with Every Plan:

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting plans allow creating streams on both Shoutcast and Icecast at no extra cost. You also get the choice of multiple Auto-DJ encoders such as LiquidSoap, Ices-cc, and SCTransV2.

Powered by Centova Cast:

CentovaCast is a centralized control panel that simplifies managing all your radio streams. It features Auto-DJ, Media Libraries, FTP Access, Unique Widgets, Statistics, Playlists, and more.

Direct SSL Stream Links:

Every radio stream account you create comes with a free SSL Encrypted URL that your users can use in Web players, Websites, and more. Streaming Accounts also have the ability to configure their own domain as a direct link to their radio stream within CentovaCast, provided the domain has a valid SSL Certificate.

Shoutcast Reseller Hosting offers an affordable, feature-rich, and reliable solution for your online radio business. With its robust features, flexible streaming options, and the power of Centova Cast, managing your online radio business becomes a breeze. Start your online radio venture today with Shoutcast Reseller Hosting, and tune in to success!

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