Master the Reseller Hosting Business with AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting

Are you looking to start your own reseller hosting business? AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting offers a perfect blend of affordability, performance, and advanced features, making it an ideal choice for budding entrepreneurs in the web hosting industry. This article delves into the standout features of AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting and how it can help you effortlessly kick-start your reseller hosting business.

Affordable and Feature-Rich:

Priced at a mere $19.99/mo, AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting provides instant account setup, a free Blesta license, and 40 GB NVMe storage for fast, efficient data processing. The plan also offers unlimited bandwidth, 2GB RAM, and 1 fair share CPU core, ensuring your reseller hosting business has the necessary resources to thrive.

Scalability with Up to 10TB of Additional Storage:

AsuraHosting understands that as your business grows, so does your storage needs. With the Master Reseller Hosting plan, you can easily add up to a whopping 10TB of additional disk storage. A 250GB storage block costs just $4.99/mo, allowing you to scale your business at a pace and cost that suits you.

Efficient Management with Blesta:

Every Master Reseller Hosting plan includes a free, fully-featured Blesta license. Blesta is a powerful business automation tool that we install for you upon request. With Blesta, you can easily and effectively manage your hosting company, creating a seamless experience for your clients.

Offer Your Users Softaculous:

With AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting, your users get access to Softaculous, a user-friendly 1-click installer. Softaculous offers fast, real-time auto-installation of over 400+ applications, including WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS, Magento, PrestaShop, Dolphin, Drupal, SMF, and many more. This feature can significantly enhance the user experience, making your hosting service more attractive to potential clients.

AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting plan equips you with everything you need to start and grow your own reseller hosting business. With its affordable pricing, scalable storage options, efficient management with Blesta, and user-friendly features like Softaculous, you’re well on your way to success in the reseller hosting industry. Choose AsuraHosting’s Master Reseller Hosting, and take your reseller hosting business to new heights.

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