A Comprehensive Guide to Installing Sectigo Certificates on DirectAdmin Control Panel

The following article provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to successfully install Sectigo Certificates on the DirectAdmin Control Panel. SSL certificates, such as those from Sectigo, offer an additional layer of security to your website, which is crucial in a world that’s increasingly concerned about privacy and data security.

Installation Process

Step 1: Accessing the DirectAdmin Control Panel

Firstly, you will need to log into your DirectAdmin Control Panel. Make sure you have your username and password at hand to access your account.

Step 2: Navigating to the SSL Certificates Panel

Once you’re logged in, look for the “SSL Certificates” panel. You’ll find this option under the “Advanced Features” section.

Step 3: Preparing for Certificate and Key Paste

On the SSL certificates page, select the option that says “Paste a pre-generated certificate and key”. This will enable you to add the details of your SSL certificate manually.

Step 4: Copying Your Private Key and Certificate File

Next, you will need to open your Private Key file and your Certificate file. These files are typically labeled as “yourdomainname.crt” or “ordernumber.crt”. Use a text editor, like Notepad, to open these files, then copy the content of both files.

Note: Remember to first paste the Private Key followed by the contents of the Certificate file.

Step 5: Saving the Private Key and Certificate File

After you have pasted the content of both the Private Key and the Certificate file, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Step 6: Uploading the Root CA Certificate

Return to the ‘SSL Certificates’ panel and click on the option that says ‘Click here to paste a Root CA Certificate (AddtrustexternalCAroot.crt).

Step 7: Adding the Intermediate and Root Certificate

In the text box, paste the intermediate certificate first, followed by the root certificate. This step is dependent on the type of certificate you have. Alternatively, if you have a CA-Bundle, simply paste it into the CA-Certificate field.

Step 8: Selecting the Use a CA Cert Option

Ensure that the option “Use a CA Cert” is selected. This enables the DirectAdmin control panel to recognize the certificate authority, in this case, Sectigo.

Step 9: Saving the Certificate

Click on the ‘Save’ button to complete the process.

Step 10: Certificate Installation Confirmation

At this point, all certificates should be successfully installed. Your DirectAdmin Control Panel is now set up with your Sectigo Certificates.

By following these ten steps carefully, you can ensure the smooth installation of your Sectigo SSL certificates onto the DirectAdmin Control Panel. Protecting your site is critical in today’s digital age, and ensuring proper SSL certification is one effective way of doing so.

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