March 28, 2023

Why Should you get a Nintendo DS Lite Nowadays?

Nintendo has conquered the hearts of everyone with its gaming devices, from parents to children, including women. However, some people do not know which model to get, because on the market there are several different categories of DS consoles. This is why I am here to suggest to you the best Nintendo handle console, the Nintendo DS Lite.

The Nintendo DS Lite is a device that offers a great gaming experience to its users, with two backlit LCD screens, with high definition, for optimal comfort during its use. These two screens can even be used simultaneously, for even more possibilities. The bottom screen is a touch-sensitive screen, which will provide you with an incredible gaming experience, and with instant navigation through all menus at your fingertips.

The Nintendo DS Lite is equipped with a microphone that will not only allow you to communicate easily and clearly, but also to interact with multiple video games in many different ways. It has a very impressive game catalog and is compatible with Gameboy Advance games. With its integrated wifi, you have the possibility of an online connection to play with friends.

Only a year and a half after the release of the DS, Nintendo was already in the optics of offering a new version with better performance and better quality in terms of its components. By 2006, the Nintendo DS Lite was available all over the world. And the classic Nintendo DS Lite is still relevant today.

The Nintendo DS Lite console is 41% smaller compared to the original model, and 21% more compact. The design of the machine is more refined and neat. The console still allows you to play Game Boy Advance games and offers a cover under the console to prevent holes that can accumulate dust. Both screens are enhanced with better brightness and contrast.

The battery life also increases with an autonomy of 15 to 19 hours depending on the games and the power of the backlight. Although at maximum brightness, the console cannot exceed 5 hours of battery life.

Nintendo DS Lite Advantages:

  • Available in white, black, clear, pink, red, green, turquoise and pink.
  • The model is also backward compatible with Game Boy Advance games.

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