March 28, 2023

Want To Understand ACH Verification Process?


Adam Mendas



Every day, someone is creating and discovering something that we thought was not possible or never thought of. Yes, we live in an era where people are changing lives, saving lives, with the help of technology, innovation, imagination, and hard work.

The way we are living did you realize things are changing so drastically on a daily basis. Our way of working, ways of entertainment, problem-solving applications, products, and services are changing our lives on a daily basis.

And, just like everything, our way of sending and receiving funds is also changing, like Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Automated Clearing House network is a new way of electronic payments where you do not have to pay through cash or checks you can simply receive and send your funds as electronic payments. Now, you can accept payment with the help of the ACH network in real-time. But there are some hazards that you need to manage with the ACH verification process.

Automated Clearing House Challenges Compared to Credit Card Payments:

Every time you use a credit card, you receive authorization, whether it’s online or point-of-sale transactions. National Automated Clearing House Association–NACHA.

Whenever you do a transaction an instant bank account verification is important. But, NACHA, which manages the ACH network, does not provide any guarantee for the ACH payments. Therefore, it is important to use a verification process for instant bank account verification or to verify any transaction from ACH.

Pros of Verifying Bank Account:

1. You can save money that you used to spend on traditional check processing.
2. When you process the fund’s transaction through ACH transfer, you save paper checks, save money, labor, and time.
3. When you use the ACH verification process to verify a bank account, you can prevent bounced checks.
4. The risk of data entry mistakes is less if you use the ACH verification process because the entire process is done online.
5. You can use the ACH verification process to verify bank account ownership, telephone order purchases, e-commerce, and mail orders. You don’t even need a card or check.

You have various verification options to figure out whether the ACH payment is genuine or not.

A similar problem occurring with the financial institution is to confirm the account information.

But, when the bank account verification is done, the payment can proceed. Ans, this will take a few days to a few seconds.

Verify Bank Account through Micro deposits:

This is a simple way for the instant verification of a bank account. You just need to send some small deposits to a bank account. Once you provide the routing number and account number, then the business sends the micro-deposits to the account.

Then, to verify the bank account, after one or two days, the customer can verify the micro-deposits amount and type the amount on the company’s web page. If the value is correct, your account is verified.

In this method, instant verification of a bank account is not possible, but you can surely complete the account validation process without an internet connection.
People who do not have access to an internet connection or people who do not use the internet can use this simple micro-deposits method to verify a bank account. You can also call the financial institute for micro-deposits or wait for a bank statement.

What to do for an Instant Account Verification?

People who want an instant verification of the bank account but do not have access to the internet can use IAV instant account verification.

The business can also JavaScript to verify the bank account. The customer needs to enter their online banking credentials after selecting the bank name from a drop-down menu.

Most people are more aware of the login credentials compared to the routing and login credentials, which make this process simpler.

What is third-party verification?

In this process, there is a third party that provides software for the final verification method for ACH debits.

One of the most popularly used software is Plaid. With the help of this tool, customers can easily enter their login credentials for instant bank account verification.

This process also helps to check for insufficient funds that are not possible in the micro-deposits process.

And this process also helps to check the account balance without any additional input from the account holder.

Third-party software uses an ID and password to collect the data like the name of the account holder, phone number, email address, and address.

You can also retrieve the information related to the transaction history, like type, description, and date.

In this process, you do not get these services free of cost. However, the benefits of using this service might outweigh the charges you need to pay.

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