December 9, 2022

The advantages of using WordPress to create your site

Nowadays, it is unthinkable not to own a website, whether you are an individual but above all also a professional. Indeed, acting as a digital identity, the website allows everyone to be visible and therefore to position themselves on the web.

However, this is by no means a problem since at this moment it has become quite easy to create a website and this is mainly thanks to the many website editors or also called CMS, some of which are even free. And among these, we can mention here the WordPress software which is undoubtedly one of the most used and downloaded CMS .

A few points about WordPress

As we indicated previously, WordPress is a software but also a CMS platform which was initially thought to manage the content which is essential in the creation of a blog.

It therefore offers many features that are necessary to design quickly, but also to manage any type of website such as blogs, online sales sites, showcase sites or even portfolios.

The main advantages of WordPress

Since its started, WordPress has attracted more and more attention from webmasters , earning it the title of the most used CMS, accounting for no less than 25 percent of sites created worldwide.

The reason for this is above all the fact that it is very accessible while being powerful enough to meet all needs, thanks to the many advantages it offers, namely:

Free and easy-to-learn 

Indeed, using WordPress is completely free, especially if we boil down to its basic versions, that is to say, create personal blogs. However, for those who want to acquire their own domain name , it is necessary to take out a subscription, which again is quite profitable.

In addition, it is very easy to use, which does not in any way require advanced skills in web development , since it is generally sufficient to manipulate the various functions it offers such as organizing the fonts , colors, the themes or even the effects.

Very easy to manage and customize

It is clear that managing and customizing a site can be expensive. However, with WordPress, this problem is quickly resolved because with just a few clicks, it is easy to manage your site efficiently, but above all it is easy to customize, mainly because it comes with thousands of modules, plugins and themes that it makes available to creators. of sites.

Facilitates SEO

The purpose of a website, whether it is a blog, an e-commerce site or also a static site is above all to make itself known on the web. WordPress has several plugins to help with SEO. And it ensures good visibility for sites on search engines, thanks to the quality of its source code .