March 28, 2023

SafeMoon Price Prediction, Trade Signals indicating $0.00001 in 2021?


Mohd Haseeb



SafeMoon Price Prediction 2021
The altcoin entered the market on March 9, and remained static until 13th when it switched to $0.00000002. In not more than a week, the bulls on the card took the currency’s price to $0.0000004. Subsequently, the price dipped to $0.0000001 and began fluctuating due to the unstable downside pressure for a new currency! On April 25th, the price reached an ATH of $0.000007, following embracement from external factors. However, unable to maintain the momentum, it entered May with $0.00000544.

When the market crashed, Safemoon lost a significant segment and wiped from $0.00000871 to $0.00000567. With increasing uncertainties, the altcoin reversed to $0.00000438 as it commenced June’s trade.

Post the market crash that happened this year, most traders are in search of a relatively low priced currency so they need not compromise on their risk of loss! Many critics support the statement for Safemoon’s survival despite its setbacks. Striking this string, if Safemoon can gobble up new investors, then the altcoin price may surge to $0.00000662 as the year ends.

On the other hand, for experienced investors, Safemoon may not seem as a good option. It’s because the whitepaper of the network seems vague and made too quickly. And so, there are also chances for the price to dip, under a pyramid, to $0.00000297 as the possible minimum. However, with incentivized holders, the coin may have its average price at $0.00000488.

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