March 25, 2023

Really Cheap Hosting I found on Reddit Last Night

really cheap web hosting

I found these two web hosting providers on Reddit last night. They are really cheap, however, this short blog post is not a review. And I am not affiliated with any of them. I am not even recommending them, but if you want to take your chance. I will advise you to do your own research first. 


First Web Hosting Provider

This web hosting provider seems legit, but you need your own domain name to get their cheap hosting plan. 

Features: Standard Plan – 1GB SSD, 100GB Monthly Bandwidth, Host 1 domain, Unlimited Features 🙄

Hosting Price: $5 per year 😆

Website Link for Server Located in New York:

With the coupon 3 Years of hosting = $11.20 USD
➡ Coupon: WHT20

Second Cheap Web Hosting Provider

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