March 28, 2023

Quick Tips for New Pokemon Go Players

Are you ready to start playing Pokemon Go? Are you wondering how you can enjoy this new app even if you aren’t a hardcore gamer? Are you curious as to how Pokemon Go can help you become more active while you have fun? Pokemon Go is a fantastic game for players of all ages and experience levels. You don’t have to be familiar with video games in order to enjoy playing this game. In fact, it’s designed so that even the youngest players can enjoy the game.

Getting Started

When you first download Pokemon Go, you’ll need to create an account. This ensures your game information will be saved if your phone crashes. If you have to switch phones at some point, you’ll also be able to transfer all of your Pokemon, coins and in-game items. You can either create an account specifically for this game or you can sign-in using your Google Plus account information. There’s no wrong way to create a Pokemon Go account. Just make sure you keep your account information handy in case you need to sign in again.

Getting Active

Once you create your account, you’ll want to put an egg in an incubator and start walking around. This is one of the best ways to get active while playing Pokemon Go. When you walk around, your game will track the distance you move. You can hatch eggs after walking two, five, and 10 kilometers. Each egg contains a pokemon. Some are more rare than others, but any egg will give you experience points.

Getting Social

When you start playing Pokemon, you’ll notice the people around you who are playing, too. It might surprise you just how many people actually play this game. When you visit a Pokestop and see other players, don’t be afraid to put in a lure module to attract more players to that particular area. You can also strike up a conversation as you help other people play the game or battle gyms together. If you have any questions about the game, many players will be happy to help you figure out what to do next.

Getting Pokemon

While there are a lot of fun things to do in Pokemon Go, the main goal is to catch Pokemon. If you encounter a Pokemon you can’t seem to catch with a regular Pokeball, you can feed it raspberries. This will make the Pokemon more likely to get in your Pokeball. You can also use great balls instead of regular Pokeballs. These can be found at Pokestops or earned when you level up your character. Great balls are designed to help you get hard-to-catch Pokemon, especially those with high combat power levels.

Remember that Pokemon Go is a free app designed to help you have a good time while moving around. While you should try to enjoy yourself as you catch Pokemon, you also need to stay safe. Always tell a friend where you’re going and while you’re out Pokemon hunting, you should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.