March 28, 2023

Need Extra Money? If You Have a Car, Try These Side Hustles

Need Extra Money?

Side hustles are a normal part of the economy for many families these days. When you need extra money, having your own vehicle opens the door to several lucrative side hustles. Whether you want to supplement your income or work full-time, there is plenty of work in most regions.

Delivering Furniture

Many furniture stores don’t have their own delivery trucks and moving people. Instead, they contract with local vehicle owners to haul sold furniture to their customer’s home for a fixed price per delivery. With a truck or a van, it’s far easier to get large pieces into your vehicle. If you’re able to lift tables, chairs and other items that have sold, talk to local furniture stores and offer your services. 

Flower Delivery

During holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, flower deliveries surge. It isn’t possible for flower shops to take on employees for just a few days at a time. That’s why most local florists hire temporary workers during their busy times to make the extra deliveries. The larger your car, the more bouquets you can fit inside it, and the more money you can make. Make your presence known to your local florists and find out when they hire on extra help. At the very least, you can pick up extra income a few times throughout the year.

Become a Taxi

With so many municipalities now allowing companies like Lyft and Uber operate within their city limits, it’s easier than ever to use your vehicle to make extra money whenever you choose. Both of these apps allow you to sign on when you choose to and pick up people who need rides. With Lyft, there is also the ability for riders to leave you tips. Some drivers use both of these apps to maximize their earnings. Some choose one favorite company and use that one alone. 

Deliver Meals and Groceries

One of the fastest-growing of these categories is the app-based delivery services. With people so busy, they are willing to pay to have someone else do their errands for them. Apps like Instacart hire on people who can go to a grocery store, pick up everything on a list submitted by the buyer, and deliver that food to their homes. In addition, most grocery stores are trying to stay competitive by hiring on their own delivery team.

For takeout meals, there are many apps to choose from. With companies like Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash, you can receive an order, get the food from the restaurant and take it to the buyer’s home. With these gigs, you can expect a tip from most customers as well as your per-order fee.

Having a car and a good driving record automatically makes you eligible for a number of lucrative side gigs. However, don’t neglect your car insurance. You will likely need an expanded insurance policy that covers the driving you do for pay.