December 9, 2022

Is the Best Cryptocurrency AD Network?

Many Publishers are using banners on their websites or blogs. According to many of them is one of the best, if not the best advertising network right now. is the first advertising network in the market that used Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It came out in 2011 under the name of Anonymous Ads. Because it is anonymous and doesn’t track its users, advertisers, and publishers.

There are many reasons why publishers like It has low requirements to get your website or blog approved. Well publishers get approved automatically. But the best part is the Average CPM. It can go as low as $0.30 and as high as $3.5. For an Advertising Network like with low requirements, this is not bad. Actually, it is hard to find better Average CPM from any other advertising networks nowadays for a low traffic site or new website. Trust me, I applied to most of them. If you do not get more than 10,000 visitors on your website every day. You will get peanuts or nothing from most of these advertising networks. However, with just  500 to 2000 users everyday on a single website or on multiple websites. You can make a decent amount of money on 

The best thing about is that it doesn’t have any requirements for traffics. If your blog or website doesn’t get a lot of traffic or is new. You can apply with Also, your website doesn’t have to be about cryptocurrency. Every type of blogs or niche websites are allowed on, even adult sites. 

According to, it uses “3 models of advertising: CPD, CPA and CPM”. However, it is focused on CPM model of advertising which is great for new websites or blogs who do not get a lot of traffics. Since these new sites don’t get a lot of traffics, they won’t get a lot of clicks on their ads’ banners anyway. Therefore, CPM is the best way to go for new websites and blogs. And it is even better if your site is getting a lot of traffics. pays only in cryptocurrency, and the main currency is Bitcoin aka BTC. However, they will pay you with other cryptocurrencies. To withdraw Bitcoin as a publisher you can use your Bitcoin Address. If you use a Bitcoin Address, you will need a minimum of 0.001 BTC. However, there’s no limit if you use your account.  According to “Automatic withdrawal of excess funds is performed on a daily basis (unless there was a bitcoin deposit during the last 30 days).”

A-ADS.COM ADS FORMAT only use banner ads. It doesn’t have push notification, messenger ads, popups, nor popunders. Therefore, is clean, and it is not a spammy advertising network. Also, its ads won’t take over your website, and the best part doesn’t install malware script on your site’s index files, nor it will install virus on your users’ PC. The best banner ad on is 300×250. You can have just one banner or two. If you add more than 4 banner on one page. Only 4 banners will show. Just use two 300×250 banners or one. If you add more than that, you won’t make more money anyway. 

Bitcoin is worth more than gold now. Therefore, the bitcoin you make with is money that will grow over the year. I saw a video on YouTube of a YouTuber cashing out $8 in Bitcoin from his account. Now that $8 in Bitcoin is worth over $200. If you don’t need the money save your Bitcoins. Because can make some of us rich overnight. 

It doesn’t matter where your users are from. will pay for traffics from all over the world. Many of us are not living in rich countries where you can use your local fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies online. However, anyone can put banners on their website. Therefore, helps many people who couldn’t have access to the cryptocurrency markets to make money and invest in the future at the same time. Not many Advertising Networks will help you do that. 

Since I have used other advertising networks on multiple blogs. I can say like many publishers that is the best.  Also, it has great support. You can PM or chat with them at anytime. This is why is the best crypto advertising network, and I do recommend it. 

Countries that send the most traffics to

India, Brazil, USA, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Iran, Philippines, United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, and all other countries

Top Languages:

English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russia, Arabic, Persian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Dutch and many more

Top Performing Banner AD Sizes:


300×250 my personal favorite






120×60 Categories:




Community sites

Earning Online Sites




Goods and Services



Links and Catalogs



Online Tools and Software