March 28, 2023

How to secure your E-commerce site?

You work hard to get your customers to the checkout page. You partner with thousands of sellers and put your entire catalog of products online at competitive prices. You set up a quality website and invest the money in a great advertising campaign. Then you work hard to get maximum conversions from customers . It would be a shame to put in so much effort without taking the time to secure your e-commerce site . Here are some tips and tricks for this:

Use the right hosting

Choosing the right web host for your online store is the first of many important things you will have to do. Some web hosts have higher security standards than others. What is certain is that you want to avoid shared hosting for your online store. Not only does shared hosting provide slower overall performance, but your online store’s security is not something you can control. These days, it’s pretty easy to find virtual private server plans that fit any budget, therefore costs and budgets shouldn’t be an excuse. Basically you want a plan that gives you full control of your web server. This way, you can make all the changes needed to increase security on your e-commerce site, which you cannot do with shared plans in most cases.

Use a secure payment gateway

Using a third-party payment gateway is one of the best ways to protect your customers and your own business from fraud . By routing transactions through another provider, processing of cardholder data and other customer information is handled by a third party and is not stored on your server and website. Also, if you use a big and reputable payment gateway like PayPal, Amazon Pay, WePay, Square or Stripe, you know security has been taken care of. These large companies certainly have the resources and knowledge to maintain secure payment systems.

Create a strong password

To keep it simple, follow these guidelines:

Password insensitive to case

Combination of symbols and numbers

Special character

Periodically change the password

Robust password recovery and easy reset process

Never choose the format of date of birth, nicknames, etc. which are easily discernible passwords.

Have strong firewalls

A strong firewall can protect your business from Trojans and other viruses . It alerts you when something suspicious happens on your network. So be careful and add some extra security to help beat hackers.

Create SSL certificates

The SSL Certificates will significantly increase the security level of your website . The SSL protocol adds such a level of security to the website that it is virtually impossible for hackers to crack the password to hack your e-commerce site. In addition, SSL provides many benefits to your online store, which allows you to attract a large number of customers and increase your sales and income.

A web page with an SSL certificate will always rank higher in Google as well.

All browsers are moving towards HTTPS because HTTP is no longer relevant.

Future technologies will require an SSL certificate as a mandatory standard.

Over 45% of users feel secure when shopping at online stores with SSL certificates .

To summarize

When someone purchases a product from your online store , they trust you to protect their information. To maintain that trust, you need to make sure that your online store is secure and trustworthy.