December 9, 2022

How to maintain your website?

Maintenance is essential, whether it’s your car, your garden, or your website . A successful website requires ongoing maintenance in order to attract, educate and expand its customer base and generate revenue for its owner. Therefore a website is never completely finished. It is always a work in progress, just like maintaining your garden.

Here’s how to maintain your website:

Keep it up to date

One of the worst things you can do to your website is to leave it unattended for long periods of time . Set up a monthly schedule for updating and changing your content. If you have a portfolio on your site, update it with your latest projects so visitors know you’ve been working hard.

Check that your links are working

Checking your links is a must , especially if you frequently use external links on your website. Remember to update your links regularly. While that doesn’t mean you have to produce fresh content every day, it’s important that you pay attention and update your external links as often as possible.

Cross-check on other platforms and browsers

Another point that many website developers overlook is the responsiveness and compatibility of the site . With the influx of different screen sizes, websites need to be able to adapt. Be sure to check your websites on different browsers, platforms and devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Develop a strong SEO presence

You can have the best looking website on the internet, but what if people can’t find it on the search engine results pages ? Make sure your site not only meets web standards, but is search engine friendly as well. If you are not able to accomplish this task on your own, hire an SEO specialist to do it.

Check for broken links and images

Nothing turns off site visitors more than broken links and missing images . It is therefore essential to check that all the images on your site are correctly downloaded and displayed. Missing images not only leave gaps on your pages, but also decrease the site’s appeal to visitors.

Websites will not perform well if they are not maintained . It is an ongoing relationship that requires regular attention. In fact, an outdated and poorly maintained website can be bad for your business. Remember that a website that never changes isn’t an encouraging message to visitors. Keep your site dynamic, relevant and up to date.