January 29, 2023

How to Get Cheap Hosting and Domain with HostKoala and Porkbun?

HostKoala and Porkbun are the best web hosting and domain providers to get cheap domain and hosting. HostKoala will provide the cheap hosting. It cost only $5 per year for the hosting. HostKoala will let you enroll for up to 3 years of hosting. Therefore, three years of hosting at HostKoala is only $15. Also, there is a coupon available for three years of hosting. And finally Porkbun will provide the cheap domain name. If you want to find the cheapest domain name available on Porkbun. Check this short article where I listed all the domain on porkbun that you can buy for very cheap.

HostKoala and Pokbun is the perfect match, and they are both very reliable. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t try HostKoala and Porkbun personally. Also, Porkbun has the cheapest domain name in the market. Like you can see on one of my article about Porkbun. You can pay around $25 for ten (10) years for a domain name on that list. You just can’t find a better deal anywhere else. Of course, you have to be really creative if you chose one of these Top-level domain(TLD). 

If you decided to go along with my cheap and evil plan to take over the World Wide Web. You need to register for a domain name first on Porkbun. When your domain name is ready. You can go to HostKoala to get one of the cheapest web hosting plan in the market. And finally you register your domain, pay the hosting, and wait for confirmation. 

I did both process several times. I always struggled with these two miner issues. HostKoala is not going to accept you weird domain name from Porkbun at first. Just refresh the page one more time, and it should accept the domain name. They fixed this issue already. Also, the last part I struggled with was the SSL certificate, but it is not a big deal. Also, they fixed that issue as well. You will get one from Porkbun for free only if you use their hosting plan with the domain you got from them. Therefore, this SSL certificate is useless since you are going to use Hostkoala to host the site. Hostkoala will provide a few more SSL certificates for free. And you can use one of them to secure your domain name from Porkbun. It sounds easy, but some beginners might not get it to work the first time. And the SSL certificate from Hostkoala will take a few hours to work with the domain name. It would take less than 2 hours for your website to be fully secure with a FREE SSL Certificate from Hostkoala

One more thing that some people might struggle with is changing the name server they got from Hostkoala on Porkbun. This is an article I have found that could help you with this.

In the end everything will work perfectly fine. Because these two providers were made to work together, so we can save more money on web hosting and domain names.

This site was built using Hostkoala and Porkbun: https://bigsales.win/

Warning: Most of the domains on Porkbun that were listed on my old article are more expensive now. However, they are still affordable. You don’t have to register your domain name for 10 years. Ten years is the maximum time you can register a domain on Porkbun.

Standard Plan $5/Year – Direct Admin ( LIMITED QUANTITY ) Bring Your Own Domain
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
 Host 1 domain
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