March 28, 2023

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Starter Plan

With the cloud hosting plan, you’ll be able to develop a personal portfolio website, a blog site as well as a small–scale web–shop. It’s possible to host one domain name, but you’ll have enough assets to progress using the unlimited disk space and traffic quotas included in the package.

Website Installer

Publish your personal web site with one mouse click

Our cloud hosting packs provide you with a fast and easy way to publish your personal web site, even if you lack any technical skills. Using the Easy Website Installer integrated into the Cheap Cloud Hosting Website Control Panel, setting up your personal or business web site is unbelievably easy – all you have to do is to pick the type of web site you would like and a preferred web site theme. We’ll set up your brand new website in a jiffy and will send you information on how to control it with a single mouse click.

Free Templates

Over a 100 free–of–cost website templates in the hosting Control Panel

Hunting for a fresh template for your WordPress personal blog? Would you like a new fresh layout for your Joomla–driven website? You are able to select from more than one hundred free–of–charge web page layouts right from within the Cheap Cloud Hosting Website Control Panel. Just select the site skin of your preference and install it on your site with just a click. Your new web site will be set up with its own one–of–a–kind design within seconds. And you don’t even need to leave from your hosting Control Panel!

24×7 Support

Contact us 24/7/365

You can contact us 24–7–365 with any questions that you might have regarding our cloud web hosting solutions. You can reach us by email and through the ticketing platfrom and we’ll reply to you within maximum one hour. As a matter of fact, our average response time is less than 20 mins. Also, you can call us on the telephone or use live chat during work hours.

Website Builder

Save some money on web design services – create your web sites with just a click

Save cash on money–consuming website design solutions – we offer you all the tools you need to complete the task on your own. With the very handy Free Site Creator, you can build an entire web site with one mouse click using one of the offered ready–made website themes. Then just add the custom content. We offer 100+ website skins for both business and personal web sites with various colour combinations.

Pro Plus

Manage all of your big traffic–greedy enterprise websites and/or corporate sites with a user–friendly and uncomplicated Control Panel. Host limitless domains, databases, e–mail accounts and e–mail lists. InnoDB and Varnish support, day–and–night technical support together with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee are provided at the same time. $8.33PER MONTH
Take a look at our web hosting platform with a 30 day free of charge trial. No credit card necessary.Start Free Trial

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with all our cloud web hosting plans

All our cloud web hosting packages offer scripting support. You’ll be able to use any PHP or Python–powered web application and also take advantage of over three thousand and four hundred Perl modules supported by our Linux–driven servers. Additionally, you can work with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and make use of the InnoDB storage engine offered by each cloud web hosting package. ImageMagick, Zend Optimizer, SSI and GD Library are supported as well.

Web Accelerators

The Web Accelerator Programs (Varnish, Memcached and Node.js) incorporated into the hosting Website Control Panel, when used will substantially increase your dynamic websites’ speed.

They’re intended to cache the data from your web sites and hence decrease the number of requests to the database server or the API. This will help your sites open much faster than before and will allow you to allure more pleased visitors, which equals reduced bounce rates.

Multiple Data Centers

Ensure the best website loading speeds for all your visitors

The data center location reflects your site’s load speed, therefore, by choosing a data center facility that’s as near as possible to your clients, you can really ensure the best Internet browsing experience for them. We provide you with a choice of datacenters on 3 continents – Steadfast in Chicago, Illinois, USA; Pulsant in Maidenhead, UK, Ficolo in Pori, Finland, Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria and Amaze in Sydney, Australia. All of them offer a dependable and risk–free cloud web hosting environment with a 24/7/365 server monitoring service and a 99.9 percent uptime warranty.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–disk–driven cloud hosting machines

All our cloud web hosting machines feature solid–state disks rather than standard hard disks. Solid–state drives boast faster read ’n’ write speeds, which means that your web site will load considerably faster. No additional website modifications are required.

As a result of the excellent online connectivity options offered by each of our cloud web hosting Data Centers, your website will begin working much faster the moment you host it with us.

Domain Names at Low Rates

With us, you can find a completely new domain name for your site at a cost you are going to love. You are able to pick out from over 50 generic and country–code domain extensions. To take control of all your domains, you’ll have our convenient Domains Manager tool available. It’ll enable you to swiftly modify your WHOIS info, to reroute a domain to a new host, to transfer a domain you have registered someplace else and many more.

Domain Manager

One–stop domain control solution

The Domain Manager is part of our hosting Control Panel and offers all the features that you need in order to manage your domains. It has an intuitive interface via which you can alter DNS settings, modify WHOIS information, lock your domain or create subdomain names with just a simple click.

With the Domain Manager tool you could also purchase extra services such as Whois Privacy Protection and SSLs.

Multiple Domain Name Administration

Be in charge of different domain names simultaneously

Through our Domain Manager, you can effortlessly administer multiple domains from just one location. You will get access to a big array of DNS controls and will be able modify many domains simultaneously.

On top of that, if you happen to also have a cloud hosting account with us, you will be able to administer both your domains and your websites from just one single place.

DNS Record Administration

Achieve total control over your DNS settings

From the Domain Manager section of the Control Panel, you will exercise absolute authority over your domain’s DNS resource records. You can quickly change various DNS resource records, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. Adding new DNS records and editing them when necessary is pretty easy. Just fill in the desired value and push the action button. A couple of hours will be needed for the newly added DNS resource records to be propagated all over the globe. In the event that you want to revert a DNS record to its previous state, you can also do that with only a single mouse click.

Moreover, the Domain Manager offers you the possibility to set name servers for your domain name or to direct visitors to different sections of your website depending on their location.

Whois Privacy Protection

Don’t worry regarding your online data

The WHOIS information pertaining to your domain will become freely accessible to everyone immediately after the domain registration procedure itself. You will be able to escape that by activating an Whois Privacy Protection service for your domain name. With it, your personal or corporate details, including your name, email address and physical address, will be replaced with fictitious info. To activate Whois Privacy Protection for your domain name, simply choose the domain and then click on the Whois Privacy Protection button to request the activation of this service.

This particular service is available with the majority of the generic and country–code Top–Level Domain extensions that we offer. Get a closer look at the TLD information page on our site to learn which top–level domain names are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible.

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Efficiently register a lot of domain names

If you are building a brand on the Internet, you cannot rely on one single domain. In order to create successful brand recognition and also to avert any identity theft, you’ll need to secure several domain names at once – my–, my–, and so on. In the web hosting Control Panel you will find an effective solution to that problem – our bulk domain name registration tool.

You can register multiple domain names all at once and even submit different WHOIS info for each one of them.

SSL Certificates

Get SSL certificates straight from your CP

An SSL certificate encodes the connection between your customers and your online store and tells everyone that your store is a secure place to buy from. You’d normally obtain an SSL certificate from a third–party provider. However, with Cheap Cloud Hosting, you can order one right from your hosting Control Panel.

Just go to the SSL Certificates menu and decide whether you want an ordinary SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate. Then simply request an activation and we’ll carry out the rest on your behalf in a jiffy.