March 28, 2023

How to get Free Hosting and Free Domain for life

There are two web hosting services you can use to get free domain and hosting for life. They are and will provide you with the free hosting. And will provide the free domain. You can use them to get free hosting and domain for life. However, you will have to renew your domain with every year, and this process is free as well. Therefore, this method is great for anyone who wants to build their website for free.

You can install many scripts on such as WordPress and other php scripts to build your blog or website. I am not affiliated with these companies. I am just trying to offer some great tips to some of you. 

These are the free domain names you can get on

This is what is included on your package.

Get your free web hosting for life with

Click here to get free hosting and no ads.

Click on free hosting and then continue. Don’t worry about the domain for now.

When you are done with the registration on You will get a confirmation email. Go ahead click on the link to confirm your free web hosting for life.

Now let’s go on so you can register your free domain for life.

Select the domain you want and then click on checkout.

Make sure you select 12 month free

You can renew your domain for free, before it expires.

After the registration on, it might take you to a page with an error message.

Don’t worry about it. Go back to and login to the client area.

Now let’s transfer your domain or should I say host your domain with

Login to your Control Panel on and click on Domain Manager.

Click on Host a Domain and then put the domain you got from

After you click on Host Domain, you will get this message.

You are going to need these NS1.RUNHOSTING.COM and NS2.RUNHOSTING.COM

Go back to

Click on Services and then My Domains

On my domain page, click on Manage Domain

Click on Manage Freenom DNS

Choose Use custom nameservers (enter below), put NS1.RUNHOSTING.COM on nameserver1, and NS2.RUNHOSTING.COM on nameserver2.

You are done, but one more thing. Since I have done it already. My icon will look differently. When you click under the globe icon. You will see a propagate button. First refresh the page and try to click on the button.

This is the website I made with and

Your domain name might take more than 24 hours to propagate.

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