March 28, 2023

Cheap Domain Names promotions on Namecheap right now

If you are a new customer, you can get .com for only $5.98 with promo code NEWCOM598. This is a great deal you should consider even if you don’t get your Hosting from NameCheap. However, you will be able to save more money if you get both  your domain name and hosting from Namecheap.

Biz tld is only $8.48 per year, but if you decide to get it now on Namecheap. It’s going to cost you only $2.48 per year.  And .co right now is only $4.48 per year, this tld usually costs $23.98 per year. Most of this promotion is not going to last forever. And some of this promotion will end by the time you are reading this article. However, you should always go on Namecheap to find their current promotion. And since Namecheap is located in the US. Wait until a US holiday such as black Friday and Cyber Monday to save even more money.

.Bond domains are also on sale right now for only $1.8 per year, and they usually goes for $10.98 per year. And .inc domains are extremely expensive. It usually cost $2098 per year, and right now it’s only $1098 per year. Since .inc domains are used by business and corporation. It cost more because it ‘s not meant to use by everyone such as .com and .net domains.

Are you a developer and you want to show off your site or blog with a .dev tld. Don’t waste you time looking anywhere else. Because .dev domains are also on sale for only $12.98 per year.

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