March 28, 2023

Booba – ULTRA – The Best French Rap Album for 2021

I don’t like Booba as a human being, but I like and respect him as an artist. Many people who like and listen to French rap know what I am talking about. One thing that I have noticed and liked about him is that Booba ages like fine wine, the older he gets the better he is. You can look all over the world, you won’t find too many rappers with over 20 years of career, and at 50 years old his albums and singles are still better than most trash that are coming out nowadays. Which is very sad when you think about it. Well, I decided to write this short blog post after I have listened to his newest album multiple times. I can say with confidence that so far “Ultra” is the best French rap album this year. And many of my followers think the same thing as well.

Other Singles from Booba aka 92i: