March 28, 2023

A New R4 Card Clone in 2021 – Ace3DS PLUS

new r4 card ACE3DS PLUS

There is a new R4 Card Clone from China. You can find it easily at a very low price on websites such as eBay and AliExpress. However, many buyers are having some issues with this new R4 Card Clone. They cannot find the right firmware to install on this card. Because the buyers are selling a new product that is unbranded with no logo nor a sticker on it. And most of these buyers don’t provide a link to download the firmware on their listings. They sell a black card that looks like an R4 Lite without the sticker. But this card is not an R4 lite. This New Card is actually an Ace3DS PLUS, and the right firmware is available on this link

The Ace3DS PLUS is not really a new R4 Card. Actually we have been using this flashcard for years. The last time they updated the firmware for the Ace3DS PLUS, according to their website, was in 2013. These flashcards are the DS Video Game Cartridges Compilation All In 1 for Nintendo DS, 2DS, and 3DS. But this year the Chinese decided to sell them without games and a sticker. Many people are complaining about that on Reddit since they couldn’t find the right firmware for their flashcards. 

I bought one last month from AliExpress. I received it quickly and had the opportunity to test the Ace3DS PLUS. I can confirm that the right firmware is available on this link Furthermore, I wanted to install over 500 good DS ROMs on this card. I used a 32 GB Micro SD Card. Guess what, I could play my DS Games, but I couldn’t save them. I had to use a 16 GB Micro SD Card, and it works perfectly fine for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload 500 ROMs on a 16 GB  Micro SD Card, just around 200 DS ROMs. Also, these flashcards don’t have a time bomb.

If you want to buy an Ace3DS PLUS on AliExpress, here is the link: