December 9, 2022

5 Tips for an Awesome Halloween Costume

Everyone wants to have the best Halloween costume at the party. It’s a good feeling to know that you can dress up with the best of them. But in a world full of copycats and knockoffs, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. These tips can help you disguise yourself and become the Halloween master you’ve always longed to be.

Be Original

The most common mistake people make when they choose a costume is choosing one that is popular at the time. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to the party as James Bond. But you won’t be catching anyone’s eye as one of ten 007’s. Instead try to find an idea that people won’t be expecting. It can be as simple as a person from history or an old fairy tale or something you completely made up yourself. Just be careful not to make it too obscure. 

Make It Recognizable

If you try too hard to have the most unique costume at the ball, you may find people asking you to explain what you are. Though it’s a good conversation starter, most people won’t be remarking on your wit. A costume is like a good joke, it should be unexpected but obvious in hindsight. You don’t want to spend half an hour explaining to each person every detail about the battle of the Gettysburg so they know exactly which soldier you are.

For Once, Don’t Be Yourself

Perhaps the best thing that sets apart a good costume from a great one is the wearer. Don’t be the man dressed as King Arthur. Be King Arthur. Stay in character as much as possible. Use an accent if it’s appropriate and try to answer questions as your costumes inspiration would. People may think it’s strange at first but before long they’ll really get into it. People will go out of their way to talk to the guest straight out of history.

Make it a Group Effort

Going out with friends opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Talk to them about dressing up as a group. There are a lot of options you can find with people playing other roles. You can each become presidential candidates and debate throughout the night. You can dress up as comedy teams throughout history or each play Tom Hanks from a different movie. Make sure that everyone knows their part and make it a show to be witnessed.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t force it. If you aren’t comfortable in the costume you’re considering, choose another one. People will appreciate you more if they feel that you are appreciating yourself. The point of dressing up and going to parties is to have fun. Don’t lose sight of that. If you’re having fun, people will have fun around you.