December 9, 2022

24k Gold Dipped Rose Flower

If you are looking for a romantic gift this holiday season, I would recommend buying a gold dipped rose. These roses look beautiful and are unique; you’re sure to get a more than a smile with one of these. With that said, lets take a look at one of the most “renowned” retailers in this market.

I found this website that sells gold dipped rose at an affordable price. This website has better customer reviews and their prices are great. They will ship gold dipped rose all over the world. Also, I forgot to mention that this site is way better than love is a rose.

Now this is another gold dipped rose company that I do not recommend:

Love is a rose review

Love is a rose is no longer a leading gold rose distributor online, they are not that great. Don’t get me wrong, the product is beautiful, but it’s not the product that needs fixing, it is the customer service. You can get a gold rose on this site in many styles, personally I chose one of the “perfect rose” models. These models come with an acrylic case that can be fitted with a custom engraving…with an added price. If you are planning on getting a custom engraved plate, plan on purchasing this at least a month AND a half early because love is a rose tends to mess up these engravings on a regular basis. However, this company I found in AliExpress doesn’t make these mistakes.

Last Christmas I had purchased a beautiful gold dipped rose with an engraving of a poem. The engraving plate cost an additional $20 and could only fit a certain amount of text in a certain style, so I had to modify my poem greatly in order to fit the specifications. After waiting about a week and a half, I received my order in the mail. I was satisfied with the rose and the fact that it didn’t come in broken, but when I looked at the engraving I realized my name had been spelt incorrectly. Yes, I was mad, but actually I was more scared then anything. I immediately thought this was a mistake on my behalf and I must have spelt my name incorrectly on the form, thus voiding any chance of a refund. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. The invoice showed that I had spelt my name correctly, so I quickly notified the company and asked for an exchange the next morning.

I got an email two days later and the owner, Sid Fey, responded with this message: “Please do not return anything we will redo another plate and send it to you… that plate will come off easily with a dinner knife and the new plate can replace it….” This is when I got really angry, I paid $150.00 for this, and I wanted to be done right! Beside the fact, the engraving plate was fitted using a very strong glue, and there was no way I could get it off without ruining the acrylic top. For this reason, I emailed him back and asked for a full top replacement with a new engraving. Keep in mind I ordered this on around Nov. 25th, and it was now Dec. 4th.

He agreed to send me a new one and said I would get it in two weeks, but I still had to pay shipping. Fortunately, it came in on the exact date. Unfortunately, the engraving still had my name spelt incorrectly. So, I called him up and got him to send me yet another top. He agreed, however, I was required to pay shipping again, but this time he assured me I would get it in a week (so it would be here in time for Christmas). Happily, his promise came true, and it was finally perfect. In all it took over a month to get…and that’s not all…I ordered another gold rose six months later, and the same thing happened again…

The gold rose is great, but it seems almost risky to get the engraving if you need to have it on a certain date. Also, I had hoped that I would have at least gotten free shipping for the acrylic case and top, but I that didn’t happen. If you plan on buying a rose here and not having it personalized, then you will be 100% satisfied with this company. But if you’re like me and want to get it personalized then get ready to sweat, because life will seem like a race from the moment on until you get it done…correctly, might I add.